Qukualian Customer reviews Robelli Men's Fashion Faux Leather Formal Shoes, 8 UK - Brown:Qukualian
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Customer reviews Robelli Men's Fashion Faux Leather Formal Shoes, 8 UK - Brown:Qukualian

Robelli Published in October 22, 2018, 9:49 am
Customer reviews Robelli Men's Fashion Faux Leather Formal Shoes, 8 UK - Brown:Qukualian

Customer reviews Robelli Men's Fashion Faux Leather Formal Shoes, 8 UK - Brown:Qukualian

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Morgan1983 Reply to on 10 January 2018
Steer clear. These are a disaster. While they may look good, getting them on was a nightmare. I don’t have particularly large feet but trying to squeeze my feet into these was like trying to squeeze an elephant into a wetsuit. When I FINALLY managed to get them on, I pulled the laces to tighten them and the laces ripped through the eyes of the shoes. Shoddy

At the end of the day when I got home I almost needed a crowbar to get them off and it felt like I had been walking on glass all day.

Terrible quality
Terrible fit
Extremely uncomfortable

Binned after 1 day
D. Powderhill
D. Powderhill Reply to on 23 July 2017
For the money, these are great! Took a little while to break in, but once broken in they're probably the comfiest formal shoes I've got at the moment. The leather looks the part and hasn't started tarnishing yet. I don't think they'll last more than a couple of years at the outside, because the sole is pretty thin and the heel appears to be plastic so will wear quickly, but then at this price point that's not a problem. I did have to replace the laces after a few weeks because they frayed, so I've docked a star for that, although really that's pretty minor.
Jonny McCullagh
Jonny McCullagh Reply to on 13 July 2017
After the first week the colour was peeling off the shoes (see attached photo). Cheap shoes that looked good for the first few days but not worth it overall.
Geber Reply to on 23 September 2017
Bit tight, compared to other smart shoes in that size. Dont know how they expect people to walk in these shoes if they are so tight. But if you loosen some laces it is very comfortable. But then again for my size i should not have to alter anything.
Stefan Paul Cook
Stefan Paul Cook Reply to on 10 March 2017
Really nice leather shoe that fitted as expected and did not require any stretching as i often find in new shoes of this style towards the toe. They were comfortable from the first time i put them on and can not say enough good things about them. Would definitely purchase again in the future.
Jon Doe
Jon Doe Reply to on 3 July 2018
They look nice, that's about it if you are going to buy these maybe don't put them on your feet hang them on a wall to look at or something because the company will not respond to your disaster emails they will just leave you wondering why you ever purchase them, as many other said here you feel nice recieving them like ooo new shoes but once you try to Lace up is when all your aspirations of ever looking smart at your workplace or whatever purpose they were to serve you is shattered, with the rip of faux leather, once you fasten. They should be listed as being made of papermaché or just water because I believe a paper maché shoe might have even lasted longer

Stay awAy!
smilingman Reply to on 10 April 2018
Don't understand the poor reviews. Maybe those people had big fat feet. My feet aren't narrow or wide, just normal feet. These fitted as expected, did not rub or cause blisters and look excellent. I have had 2 pairs now. Worn a few times a week they last a couple of years, which is good for the price.
Wj Corbett
Wj Corbett Reply to on 29 May 2018
These shoes are quite narrow, but that's the style. They look great, people often comment on them looking expensive, which is funny for the price. I've had a pair for a year and they still look new, although I only wear them to formal occasions. I'd definitely buy them again.
Steven Reply to on 22 November 2017
Really like these but beware they are pretty snug I usually take a size 9 and have fairly narrow feet. These are a tight fit for me, so anyone with a wider foot might not get into them
Rachel Reply to on 19 October 2016
I really like the look and feel but they are a little tight which mostly is noticeable in the toes which after a long time of wearing them - being at a christening for example it does start to hurt. But as I don't wear them all the time and as I wear them more I'm hoping it stretches them to fit my feet more comfortably.
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