Qukualian Café Ole Rondo Stainless Steel Tea Pot Easy Pour Teapot with Infuser Basket 35oz 1000ml:Qukualian
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Café Ole Rondo Stainless Steel Tea Pot Easy Pour Teapot with Infuser Basket 35oz 1000ml:Qukualian

Café Ole
Café Ole Published in October 22, 2018, 10:14 am
 Café Ole Rondo Stainless Steel Tea Pot Easy Pour Teapot with Infuser Basket 35oz 1000ml:Qukualian

Café Ole Rondo Stainless Steel Tea Pot Easy Pour Teapot with Infuser Basket 35oz 1000ml:Qukualian

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El Gringo
El Gringo Reply to on 29 November 2014
I bought this as a Crimbo present for a woman that likes Jasmine tea. I was in two minds about this one & the same model 1ltr teapot, but with some people reviewing it saying the 1ltr pot only gives you about 750ml-800ml, I felt this was the better choice. Fairly good quality teapot, polished finish 18/10 all stainless steel. My one issue would be the infuser filter basket that looks a cheaper version & a shallower depth that the one shown in the picture (the image of the pot is wrong as well, the Cafe Ole Rondeo I received is a rounded bowl-like conventional looking teapot). People should be advised that with the infuser in place, a 1/2 a litre of water just about touches the very bottom of infuser basket, therefore to work effectively with loose tea etc, I would recommend filling with at least 1 litre of water (1 litre is good enough for 4 mugs of tea.) I would say max capacity of this pot is 1.35 litres (with infuser in place but without any tea added). If you are after a S/S teapot with an infuser I don't think you are going to find anything cheaper, that is as good a quality as this, even with the infuser issue mentioned. One more thing, the short spout is a fairly non-drip type, (at least, I couldn't get it to drip). If the manufacturers could include the longer better quality stainless infuser that are readily available, i would rate this product 5 stars.
lime&coconut Reply to on 13 March 2015
Oh oh oh! We are in tea paradise. We've been using loose tea for a long time & never found the right solution. This is pouring perfection, a tea leaf basket to fit, the teapot looks classy, keeps the tea warm longer and, we think, even the tea tastes better. Honestly.
This really is 1.5 litres, you would not believe it, doesn't look big enough.... so it's compact. Not ideal if you want just one mugful as the tea basket is too high but as we always have 3 or 4 cups each time. After pouring off a certain amount, no stewing, so you can come back for seconds. As with other people who've reviewed this, I wouldn't put the tea basket in the dishwashe. Anyway, if the lid seems too big and you can't get it on/off, (or too small, even) , just adjust the rim of the lid in 3 places, I did it with a screw driver.
Stuart Reply to on 23 November 2015
There are 2 photos in the sales listing for this teapot. We wanted and got the almost spherical shape (not the dome shape with straight sides).
We bought this as a replacement for a similar teapot we had owned for 13 years (it had begun to leak from the base of the spout). This is good but by comparison is lighter in weight, the infuser is smaller and the lid fitting too tight. But had we not had the old one to compare it too I think we'd be happy.
The lid does need a firm push so that it fits securely in place. If the teapot is filled to capacity it has a tendency to spill tea from around the lid so we fill it to about 1/2 an inch from the top.
As the infuser is not particularly deep the pot needs to be filled about 2/3 full for the tea to brew (otherwise the tea leaves are not immersed). On the upside the leaves are removed from the liquor once the first couple of cups have been poured so stewing is reduced.
We use a tea cosy to keep the tea(pot) hot. it's quite a fat pot so ensure you get a decent size cosy.
Overall it's good but as I said before somebody decided to 'improve' something that didn't need improving. The old unavailable model was better.
Yogendra Patel
Yogendra Patel Reply to on 18 July 2018
Ok as teapots go this is the holy grail of teapots. I was recently visiting a very good friend of mine named James and it came to that part of the day when all you need is a nice brew. To my absolute joy out came James with what could only be described as a majestic pot. He seemed very proud of himself knowing that he had found and purchased this teapot before me! James is very particular about his tea so much so that he will only sip on the finest Da Hong Pao on every occasion but on this particular day this teapot made the moment that little bit more special. Thank you Café Olé Romdeo for producing such a masterpiece. I loved this item so much that I purchased one for each kitchen for each wing of my house.
phibr Reply to on 22 February 2016
Great teapot and large capacity. Does drip slightly but no more than most teapots. Relatively easy to clean unless you have large hands which makes it difficult to get around the whole of the inside of the cavity to clean the "tea" staining which is inevitable. Other than all that, I love this teapot and use it all the time.
Mrs SJT Reply to on 4 February 2013
After having an ancient metal teapot for years, we needed a new one but looking in the shops we found many teapots far too small so we would have to keep putting the kettle on. This one is a good size - 1.7l and holds exactly the same as the kettle so we get a good six cups out of it and the tea keeps hot until the last drop. It looks stylish and can honestly say it is the best teapot we've ever had. Fantastic.
Harley Reply to on 6 November 2015
Some sellers will advertise there teapots to hold certain number of cups this one will hold four full mugs of tea and as we don't take milk in our tea that is four full mugs without any problem just what i wanted and the company that makes them will sell you an infuser to fit if you find you need one at a later date
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 17 November 2016
This kettle saved my life when we had coffee morning at our house. It held enough tea for 7 people (served in standard cup and saucer not mugs) also it was still hot for the late comers. It truly saved me from slaying in the kitchen. I would recommend it as it's beautiful as is useful. 5*****
gumdrop Reply to on 1 November 2016
Clever little teapot, loose tea strainer inside if you need it.
Pours into the target cup and no spout runs, brilliant and
it looks good. Pleasantly plump teapot, love it.
Susan Laird
Susan Laird Reply to on 25 June 2016
Needed a new teapot and this is the one for me. Also as it has a diffuser I can use loose tea. Sturdy and good value.
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